Genesee Patrons Cooperative Insurance Company

A mutual (cooperative) insurance company is a "mutual endeavor" between the company, its policyholders and the local community. We are proud of our strong local ties and the important contributions made by our company to the future growth of our community in the form of taxes, investments and leadership.

What is a Cooperative (Mutual) Insurance Company?
A mutual insurance company is "owned" by the policyholders, who are similar to stockholders in a corporation. Our policyholders elect the company's board of directors, play a critical role in the decision-making process and the setting of the company's future direction. A mutual company is the essence of a cooperative enterprise. Our company primarily provides policyholders with property and liability insurance in three major areas: homes, businesses and farms, including livestock and farm equipment. This offers policyholders protection against such dangers as fire, lightning, wind, hail, theft and for the claims of others against you (liability insurance). Our local roots are strong, long-established and unique with a special expertise in the areas of concern to the rural and farm communities.

What Makes Us Special?
As a cooperative insurance company, we offer our policyholders a number of unequaled and special features including an obvious one - a stake in the ownership of the company. Our policyholders receive prompt, personal and attentive claims service from a nearby central office which often is located in your hometown. In fact, it would not be extraordinary for you to have your claim processed by individuals you already know personally. We offer a variety of policies and coverages tailor-made to the personal needs and situations of our policyholders. This is complemented by a strong force of insurance agents who sell our products and maintain a special relationship with our mutual company. Our company's foundation, as well as it hopes and dreams, rests in the local communities of New York State. We look forward to continue serving as good neighbors and community leaders. Other Associations and Memberships

Our mutual company is a member of the New York Insurance Association, a trade association established in 1882, which represents 80 mutual property/casualty insurance companies spread across New York State. The more than 2,000,000 policyholders of the NYIA member companies represent 35% of the premium dollars in New York State. We are also members of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. This international association represents approximately 2,000 mutual insurance companies and associations throughout the world and complements many of the legislative and educational functions offered through NYLA Underwriters Rating Board is a statistical and rate making association that enables us to offer credible, reliable and competitive rates to our members. They also aid us in designing acceptable forms. The Property Insurance Loss Register is a joint effort by all companies to combat insurance fraud by placing in a central clearinghouse, information on fraudulent acts experienced by companies.